Quality used equipment should be in the hands of people who need it.

About Us

The Assistive Device Exchange (or A.D.E.) is a social enterprise managed by Independent Living Services of Simcoe County & Area

What is The Assistive Device Exchange?

The A.D.E. is a free online classified site that was created especially for used equipment that assists people who have disabilities such as hearing, sight and mobility.

Why do we need The A.D.E.?

People who find themselves with assistive devices they inherited, or no longer require, will attempt to donate it to the usual suspects: hospitals, second-hand stores, churches, legions and other agencies.

Unfortunately, they are surprised and frustrated that their donation is turned down due to lack of storage space, or legal concerns.

Assistive Devices end up in the basement or sent to landfill.

Meanwhile, there are people in every community that are on long waitlists or do not qualify for financial assistance to purchase new assistive equipment.

The Assistive Device Exchange helps everyone: it helps de-clutter space, saves people money, allows access for people who could not otherwise afford these needed devices.


In July of 2012, the first version of the A.D.E. was launched on the Community Connections website and in January of 2013, with the generosity of The United Way, The Assistive Device Exchange launched the website that you are visiting today.