About Us

Independent Living Services of Simcoe County & Area (ILS) is a charitable organization that was created in 1976 to provide support and services to people with physical disabilities or limitations in Simcoe County and area and to assist individuals to lead dignified, productive, and independent lives. ILS has always promoted and encouraged opportunities for participation in our communities.

In 2012, the United Way of Simcoe County/Muskoka awarded ILS with a grant to create a method of increasing access to used assistive devices rather than having them fall into disrepair in someone‚Äôs garage, attic, or worse end up in the local landfill. The Assistive Device Exchange became the opportunity where anyone can list a gently used assistive devices for sale, give away, OR where they may find used assistive devices they need.  


The Assistive Device Exchange (A.D.E.) website was created in response to the following:

  1. There is a growing demand for assistive devices within every community, as they enable people to live safely and independently at home and within their community.
  2. There is an increasing need for financial assistance when purchasing assistive devices as advances in technology and design can make the cost prohibitive.
  3. Financial supports are limited, from both government and the community funders, to assist those requiring financial support to purchase Assistive Devices.
  4. There is used equipment available, often stored in basements and garages.
  5. Used equipment is frequently stored inappropriately, or for too long a period, which can result in the equipment being damaged or outdated and of no use to anyone.
  6. Good used equipment needs to get in the hands of those who need it, thus extending the useable life of assistive equipment.
  7. Quality equipment will no longer be discarded into the area landfill.

Who can use this site?

Given the vast expanse of the Internet, the reach of this website is unlimited. Simply put, The Assistive Device Exchange (A.D.E.) is available to those who would like to sell or give-away an assistive device and to those who are looking for an assistive device to buy or find as a give away.

We invite you to get started now and share this site with your friends. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for visiting The Assistive Device Exchange (A.D.E.) and for your continued support of this wonderful initative provided to you by ILS.